Frequently Asked Questions about our Share Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of being a shareholder?  

You will become part of an enterprise that is supporting new and small businesses, promoting ethical values and providing local support and facilities.  You will receive a regular newsletter, be invited to an annual open day for shareholders, and have a sense of helping support this excellent facility for the local and wider community.

In addition, interest can be paid once the renovations have been completed and when Queen Camel Community Land Trust (QCCLT) has sufficient surplus.  The shares may be passed on to an heir or beneficiary and in certain circumstances may be redeemed, again, when funds permit.

  • What happens if something goes wrong? 

As with any share purchase, you must only invest what you can afford, because in the unlikely event that the project doesn’t work, you may lose some or all of your investment.

  • Can I lose more than my initial investment? 

No, you will not be asked to pay more than your initial investment under any circumstances.

  • In what state of repair are the buildings on site?

Prior to purchasing the site, Queen Camel Community Land Trust (QCCLT) commissioned a full building survey, which was sufficient to allow Power To Change (Big Lottery) award us the funds to purchase.  They would not have done this if there were unresolvable issues with any of the buildings.  The survey has also allowed us to understand and prioritise the refurbishment work needed.

  • Am I liable for anything that goes wrong with the buildings? 

No.  Your investment is in our project at the Old School.  The building is owned by the Queen Camel Community Land Trust (QCCLT) and by purchasing shares, you do not own part of the building.

  • Am I liable in any way if there is a legal issue with one of the employees / trustees / tenants?


  • What is the situation with flood mitigation

The building is known to be in a flood risk area.  We work with the Queen Camel Flood Committee and are also taking specific advice on protection of the site, from sand bags to larger flood mitigation works.

  • Can I have my newsletter in print rather than online? 

Our plan is to email the newsletter and add it to our website, but we can print a copy for those who don’t have email.  There may be some content that can’t be printed, such as interviews and video blogs.