Help the Australian animals… Marsupial Pouch Pattern

I have been in touch with my brother in Queensland, where, unlike South Australia, they are crying out for ‘Joey Pouches’ to look after all the orphaned marsupials they are rescuing from the bush fires. Any of you sewing or knitting crafters  who may be interested in spending an hour or two to help out can find the details I have downloaded on how to make up from scrap materials the various sizes need. These materials must be natural fibres and the cotton linings must not be fixed, but removable and have rounded corners.
I am happy to collect any items as well as line those without linings and arrange to get them to Queensland.
My brother is involved with the animal welfare services and making wooden nest boxes for bats and birds but I don’t think I can manage to arrange transport for those!!!!
Any offers very gratefully received …..Frieda Garrett
01935 851266

Making pouches for orphaned joeys
When young wombats, wallabies, kangaroos, bandicoots, gliders or possums come into care they need to be kept warm and quiet.