Great news on our Community Share offer – thanks to you All

As of 31st March 2020 (our financial year-end) we succeeded in reaching the target of £21,735 that was needed to enable the Booster Programme (an arm of Power to Change) to match fund with another £21,735.

Thanks to everyone who has bought community shares, showing your support for our exciting project.  Of course, we aren’t able to celebrate with you all yet, but that time will come!

The wonderful news means that we will be able to repay £11,000 of our loans, which will be hugely helpful when we are able to make future grant applications – to be able to say that we repaid £11,000 within our first year and in this dreadful climate is truly something to celebrate.  The whole of the share offer, including the matched funding from the Booster Programme, is held in a separate bank account and must be spent in accordance with the share offer documentation, i.e. it cannot be spent on running costs – just in case that question arose in anyone’s mind.

We’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and we look forward to meeting you at the Old School as soon as life can get back to normal.