Cam’s Kitchen Update

Queen Camel Community Land Trust at the Old School

We are delighted to be able to record our congratulations to Christine & Ian Richardson on a successful launch of Cam’s Kitchen.  The coffee and food are great but also of great importance is the warm welcome and atmosphere.  If you have not yet visited then we commend this café to you (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. and Saturday until 2.30 p.m.).

Cam’s Kitchen website



You will spot that the old school sign has been given a place of honour in the café.

We are still looking for old school memorabilia.  Our plan is to make the passageway behind what were the classrooms in this Victorian building into a historical archive.  This may become one of next winter’s projects.

I also want to record thanks to those who worked so hard to meet the opening deadline.  It included painting every tile on the ceiling and filling more gaps and holes on the walls than could be numbered.

If you are interested in work or art space at the Old School please contact



HomeFirst Plus (HFP) is slowly coming back onto the Old School site and a member of staff is now present every day.   We have every kind of mobility aid available. These include electric wheelchairs, stairlifts, armchairs, as well as specially adapted bath and shower rooms.  We can now offer viewings of our seven self-contained Pods for start-up businesses and welcome you to inquire either within or by e-mail through We offer business growth advice and a space to try out your business ideas, and build a supportive trading community. With Cam’s Kitchen having such a successful start, the site will become a hive of activity and creativity over the coming months.

We are also looking for empty homes that we will manage on behalf of the owner and, where needed, will improve using sustainable materials.

The CLT has continued working tirelessly on the site, and now that volunteers are returning, the gardens are taking on a whole new look.       RW