March update from the Old School Queen Camel

March update from the Old School Queen Camel

So much has happened since my last update as Coronavirus has crept onto our doorsteps. I  will not dwell on it but will just say that we are doing what we can to keep our tenants, our visitors and ourselves safe.

We still intend to press ahead with all of our refurbishment plans including the café and Hot Desking space although, understandably, coronavirus restrictions are affecting our progress.

Spring is in the air so there is also quite a bit of garden tidying going on and we are removing old outbuildings to make space for a lovely new sign. These are all activities that we and our volunteers can still undertake at a safe distance from each other!

Last month I was able to tell you about our new tenants. It is certainly worth reiterating that we still have space for businesses and organisations who would like to rent a room (or nook or cranny) on either an ad hoc or permanent basis. Rents are very reasonable; we know this is very important in these difficult times. And when normality returns it is worth remembering that we also have some lovely meeting rooms to rent at a sensible rate.

Whilst it would be irresponsible of me to ask you to drop in and see us, we would still love to hear from you. Please email

Details for our tenants can be found here.

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